How To Start A Blog Website and Make Money Monthly 100$

How To Start A Blog Website and Make Money Monthly 100$

Today, I will teach you can start your own Blog website and How you can make 100$ from your blog.

Why you need a website?

  1. Earn Money
  2. Share your knowledge
  3. Make Social Platform

For Start Blogging, you need first know these answers.

  1. Why you create a website.
  2. What are you using for creating a website blogger or WordPress?
  3. What niche are you choosing? (Blog content topics)
  4. How to buy a domain name? (You can use Namecheap or Godaddy)
  5. How to buy hosting? Or How to connect your website to the hosting panel? (First time you can use Bluehost for the trail).
  6. How to connect domain names with your website? Or how to connect domain name in blogger.
  7. How to design your website?
  8. Who to write a blog post?

You will find all answer of questions when you search on Google or Youtube.

First time I am showing you, how you start can a blog website.

You can create website to using Blogger & WordPress.

You can use Blogger totally free. You don’t any domain or hosting. Blogger will be provided your domain and hosting.

When you create a website with a blogger, you get a domain,& you get your own blogger hosting.

If you don’t know any HTML or Coding you create a website easily with blogger.       

  1. First, go to BLOGGER.
  2. If you have a Gmail account you can Sign in,  if you do not have a Gmail account then you need to create an account.
  3. Then confirm Email.
  4. Choose Your website name. Ex:
  5.  Choose a blogger template.
  6. Now using your new website. You can post anything.

How To Create a Website with WordPress?

  • First, pick a Website name or Domain name.
  • Choose a Hosting for your Website.
  • Design your site.
  • Use a WordPress plugin.

Create WordPress Website:

  1. Go to the or
  2. Choose a website name or address.
  3. Choose a WordPress theme.
  4. Customize your website or design your website.
  5.  Install the WordPress plugin.
  6. Choose a niche about your website.
  7. Write your first content.
  8. Get traffic.
  9. Create a social media platform for your website and you get more traffic.  

Now, write a post to your website.

  • Choose your website niche.
  • Write unique content.
  • Write SEO basic content.
  •  Generate organic traffic to your website.
  • Make a social media platform.

When you create a website to & using free domain your website link to show but when you using a custom domain and connect your website you can show your website     

So, I recommend to you, you are choose a custom domain.

You can buy a .com domain from 6$ to 10$. You can choose the Namecheap & Godaddy domain provider.   

Choose Your Domain Name.

Your need follow of some requirements to choose a domain name.

  1. Make sure your domain name is three words. Ex:
  2. Choose a Domain should be easy to remember and easy to type.

Choose Website Hosting

When you create a website with a Customs domain then I suggest you for using the best hosting service.

Note : Paid Web Hosting is better than free hosting.

How to buy a web hosting

You can use Namecheap & Godaddy hosting any other hosting provider.

You can buy hosting plan for 2$ per month in starting.

Top 10 income sources for website  

  1. Google Adsense.
  2. Affiliate Marketing.
  3. Sell Ads.
  4. Sell your own product ( software, e-book, themes, etc)
  5. Sponsored content or article.
  6. CPA Marketing
  7. Collect Email list.
  8. Get Coupon offers.
  9. Sell Domain or Hosting.
  10. Learning any course or sell a course.  

Thank you stay with us.Create a website and start your online earning.